Week 8: What I Thought of The Student Blogging Challenge

Overall I really enjoyed the Student Blogging Challenge. It was fun to learn how to blog and get to know other students around the world. I know I didn’t post on my blog every week but the weeks that I did do I really enjoyed. Blogging is something I thought I would never do but it is more fun then I thought it would be. I will definitely keep posting on my blog it will be more challenging now that we don’t have something that we have to do every week. What did you think about the blogging challenges?

My Holiday Traditions!

Every Thanksgiving I go to Maine to my Uncles house. Every year before we have our dinner we have rice balls which is rice and meat rapped in bread crumbs. For Christmas We host a Christmas Eve party for my family Everyone is welcome to bring what they want but no desserts that’s my job. I make all the dessert for the party last year I made gingerbread men, Fudge, Cupcakes, Peppermint bark, and a raindeer cake. After we have dinner and dessert we play the dice game the dice game is played with 3 dice and 3 dollars each everyone gets the roll the 3 dice if you get all dots you keep all your money. If you get a left or a right your money goes to the people that are to your left or right if you get center you money goes to the center. The goal is to be the last one with money and you get everyone else’s money as a prize. The money really adds up when you play with a lot of people. For the fourth of July we go to New Hampshire to my great Aunts house and watch the fireworks by the lake. For Veterans day I go to the parade down the street from my house. For Colobus Day and Memorial Day I have a soccer tournament which is really fun! Those are my Holiday Traditions!


My favorite instrument is the guitar it just sounds so nice.Did you know that the fender guitar company makes about 90,000 guitar strings a day. My favorite type of guitar is the electric guitar because it is so loud! What is your favorite instrument?

SBC: Week 1: Ms. Greene’s Avatar

Hi, I’m Ms. Greene

I chose this avatar because it looks a lot better than my first try!  I chose it, also, because I have blonde hair and blue eyes – and love my pink lip gloss.  It has an aibrushed quality that only modern technology can provide, but I’ll take it.  It also looks calm and content, yet intent, which I think helps describe me. 

Pexels / Pixabay